Route 60 Barbecue Market
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Route 60 Barbecue Market

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The core of Route 60 Barbecue Market's offerings is hickory-smoked meat – ribs, pulled pork barbecue, smoked-chicken, tender beef brisket, smoked-sausage, southern-fried seafood and a line of branded barbecue sauces.

Only the finest U.S.A.-produced meat, fresh produce and ingredients are used. And all barbecue is cooked slowly using hickory logs, at low temperatures and long cooking times. All meats served are from the United States. Freshness is key, for example, the potato salad is homemade in 12-pound units every four hours so it is always fresh!

Menus feature “starters,” salads, entrees including ribs, pulled pork, brisket, chicken, beef, and seafood, a variety of Southern sides and homemade desserts. Since its founding, more and more delectable items have been added. Depending on location, customers are able to sample traditional Memphis-, Texas-, North Carolina- and other style barbecue. Red Hot and Blue personnel have made every attempt to design menus catering to local preferences.