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Colonial Ghosts

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We are the only ghost tour company in town that has done our own research and actually documented our hauntings. We fact check and verify every story we tell, but more importantly, we document the haunting activity (see blog here for proof!). Other tours rely on books or made up urban legends, and adorn these with silly costumes, props and gimmicks. Which is fine, if you’re a theatrical company. Or your goal is just to entertain. But Colonial Ghosts has a different mission. We are fascinated with real human stories and real hauntings, and we want to share these incredible experiences with you.

Our stories and the sites we visit are unique! You won’t learn these secrets with any other tour in town!

Our tours cover 19 different haunted sites. And every year, we work to improve our tours by digging deeper into the stories and hauntings we’re already familiar with, or else finding and verifying new sites.

On our tours, you will discover the amazing and gruesome stories that have made Williamsburg, Virginia one of the most haunted locations in the continental United States. You’ll learn things like: 

The intriguing origin of the phrase “bite the bullet”... and what it has to do with the haunting of the Governor's Palace! 

The true story of Lady Ann Skipwith, and why she is reported to be the most spotted ghost in Williamsburg! Not one in a thousand ghost hunters gets this story right, but we have verified the facts for you, and Colonial Ghosts reveals all!finding and verifying new sites. 

The secret name for Tucker Hall, twice reported by the newspaper, that the College of William and Mary does NOT want you to know!